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10 Safer Skincare Products Everyone Should Own

As many of you know, I recently took the plunge and became a Beautycounter consultant. I first tried Beautycounter products on a girls’ trip to New Orleans. A friend of mine had a few Beautycounter products that she let us all try. At the time, I was really focused on putting things into my body that were high-quality. I had just finished up a round of Whole30 and felt amazing!

It occurred to me as I was talking to my girlfriends on that trip that what we put ON our body is just as important at what we put IN it. 

Considering that our skin is our largest organ, it makes sense that what we put on it ends up in our blood stream. It’s overwhelming to think about all the chemicals and potentially harmful ingredients in everything we use day to day. After that trip, I jumped into all the research I could get my hands on and even drafted a list of harmful ingredients on my phone to carry around with me when I needed to restock on a product. 

Eventually, I decided to try out a few Beautycounter products, though to be honest, at first I had some sticker shock with the price of many of the products I was eyeing. I am in fact the “FruGal.” I waited for a promotion to roll out (per usual) and jumped in with the resurfacing peel, the Countermatch lotion, and the Dew Skin tinted moisturizer. When I got my box and started using my items I was truly impressed with the quality of the products. Previously, I had been making the switch to all natural and non-toxic products, but didn’t always get the performance I was looking for. So if you think about it that way, even though I was spending $5-$10 on things, if they didn’t work and I stopped using them I was wasting small amounts of money over and over again.

Being frugal doesn’t always mean buying the cheapest options. I learned that quality really matters especially with things like skincare. 

Slowly but surely, I ended up with a bathroom drawer full of Beautycounter products. From oils, to cleansers, treatments, and makeup, I loved knowing that I was using products developed by a company that has vowed to never use 1500 potentially harmful ingredients and that the quality was worth the price tag. Beautycounter did the leg work for me. I knew I could order anything from their site and I wouldn’t have to check the ingredients list. I also found that Beautycounter products last FOREVER! I actually still have a tiny bit left in that very first bottle of the resurfacing peel! 

While I’m a die-hard Beautycounter fan now, those aren’t the only products I use. In fact, one of my goals is to use my platform as a consultant with Beautycounter to help spread the word about safer skincare and cosmetics and get those products into the hands of as many people as possible, whether those products happen to be made by Beautycounter or not. 

Here is the list of the top 10 safer products I use!  

  1. Beautycounter Overnight Resurfacing Peel- this is hands down my very favorite Beautycounter product. I recommend it to everyone. Men, women, old, young, everyone! This powerhouse skin treatment combines 15 botanicals that gently help resurface your skin without redness or peeling skin. Put this stuff on and wake up with skin smoother than you’ve ever felt!

  2. My Matcha Moisture Stick– This giant tube is a one-stop-shop for moisture. I keep a tube by our bed and one in my car. I use it as chapstick, dry skin spot treatment, and occasionally an under-eye pick me up.

  3. Acure Organics Dry Shampoo– In the summer time especially, I’m made up of about 20% iced coffee and 80% dry shampoo. This stuff gets the job done without any sketchy chemicals. It also comes in a darker color for brunettes. Even more exciting news, they now carry Acure products at Target!

  4. Beautycounter Charcoal Cleansing Bar– Want to know my secret to fresh armpits? It’s this stuff. I use this bar on my face in the AM but also scrub my underarms after washing my face. The charcoal pulls out any junk and leaves me fresh all day. I recently found out Josh was using my charcoal bar too. It’s the best and lasts FOREVER!

  5. Beautycounter Cleansing Balm– This is another product that has many uses. In the winter, I use a thin layer of the cleansing balm as an overnight moisture mask. Those of us in Colorado know how necessary that is. I haven’t been able to find another product that compares in the moisture arena. In the warmer months, I use it as a smoothing makeup remover. I’ve also dabbed some on scars and sunburns and I’ve heard of mommas using this on their growing pregnant bellies. 

  6. Thayer’s Rose and Witch Hazel Toner- Again, shout out to Megan for introducing this to me in New Orleans. This gentle toner is great for sensitive skin and gives you a clean and refreshed feeling. It comes in a spray bottle too and is great for your gym bag or travel case. 

  7. Beautycounter No. 1 Brightening Oil– Beautycounter has three oils and I truly love them all. The No.1 oil is especially great because it gives you that dewy moisturized look. It’s packed with vitamin C and smells like dreamsicle. If you want fresher, brighter, younger looking skin, look no further. Mix it in with the Countermatch lotion for extra nourishment!

  8. Dry Brush– I can’t live without my dry brush! It’s the only way to keep my whole body smooth, not to mention the other health benefits. If you haven’t read my post yet on dry brushing, here it is!

  9. Thai Crystal Deodorant Mist– Another gal pal, Ashleigh gave me this stuff in a care package she sent me last summer. I’ve tried a whooooole lot of deodorants and have found this to be the best one that doesn’t contain aluminum or baking soda. After I wash in the shower with the charcoal bar, and use the dry brush to get rid of dead skin, I spray this stuff onto dry skin. I’m good to go all day.  

  10. Beautycounter Charcoal Mask- Everyone loves a mask. I love this cooling minty all-over mask when I’m getting my #selfcare on, but I use it more often as an overnight spot treatment when blemishes pop up. This creamy mask draws out dirt and oil without over-drying.

As a way to help spread the word about safe skincare, I’ll be hosting a virtual skincare party on July 22, 2019!! Follow my Instagram handle for this event, BetterBeautywithVal to be entered to win giveaways, ask questions, and get product recommendations. Hope to see you there! More details to come on Instagram!!

And on a final note, if you are curious about Beautycounter and need recommendations on products or want to know more about the business opportunity, you can email me directly at . Or, if you know exactly what you want to order search me, ‘Valerie Thill’ at checkout!


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